At TopShape we see ourselves as the anti-gym. We believe commercial facilities are all the same. A lot of flash when you walk through the door, with a lot of promises, but in the end the level of service and results are poor.

At Topshape we are results orientated!  We have almost 20 years and thousands of satisfied clients to prove it. We have bar none the most comprehensive fitness assessment in the business. All our fitness trainers are professionals who train for a living not as a hobby.

We are a boutique style private studio in the heart of Wellington West. We offer an upscale enviornment with complete shower facilities, water and towel service.

If  you're tired of making your yearly donation to a commercial facility that doesn't live up to your expectations, then TopShape Fitness Studio we have no membership fees or hidden administration fees.

If you've been exercising for years and still look the same, then give TopShape a call and take the first step towards "building a better you" for a lifetime.