Call to book your appointment for a free consultation and/or to visit our newly designed private fitness studio which features: 

Certified Personal Trainers

(expert trainers not part-timers)

  • Top quality exercise machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment
  • Nutritional counseling services
  • Registered massage therapy
  • Service for all abilities (fully accessible)
  • Change rooms, lockers and shower
  • Towel service (complimentary)
  • Nutritional supplement "Fuel Bar" featuring delicious protein drinks and bars from the best brands on the market today!

State-of-the-Art Equipment 

  • Arm ergometer
  • LifeFitness 9500HR Elliptical Trainer
  • Life Fitness 9500 HR Commercial Treadmill
  • Body Guard Cartier Treadmill
  • C2 Wind Rower
  • Kettler recumbent cycle
  • V Form Ultra Duty Spin Bike
  • Performance 6 stack multi-gym, modified for full accessibility
  • Performance Cable cross-over with additional 3 stacks
  • Performance Power rack / Smith machine combo
  • Performance 4-way bench's
  • Hex dumbbells 1-100 lbs · Olympic free weight barbells)
  • 500 lbs+ in cap weight plates
  • Strength bands and TRX system
  • Various sized exercise balls
  • Assorted strength tubing
  • Rubberized protective floor mats
  • Stretch mats and more