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TopShape Fitness is a leader in instructional seminars and learning materials for professional trainers .

Clients and trainers looking to increase their knowledge of health and fitness can look to TopShape for quality information, on a wide variety of topics. TopShape has designed many different classes and seminars tailored to our client's specific needs.

TopShape is dedicated to building a better you. Whether through physically with our fitness programs or, mentally through our instructional programs. We believe that the best way to better health is knowledge.

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Classes, Seminars and Retreats

As two of Canada's leading experts on fitness & exercise for persons with disabilities, Peter and Mike have been invited to lecture at many conferences and events.

After years of studying the effects of exercise for persons with disabilities they have designed two programs. The first is designed help teach people with disabilities how to design a fitness program.

The second is to help fitness professionals increase their client base, and to eliminate any misconceptions of working with special populations.

TopShape's seminar for persons with disabilities.

This two hour interactive lecture will teach people with various mobility impairments how to design a safe and effective exercise program and to learn the correct questions to ask when looking for a place to exercise.

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The TopShape Adaptive Fitness Certification course.

  • CPTN and Can-Fit-Pro Trainers - CEC's available with this certification program.
  • Register at the CPTN or Can - Fit - Pro web sites.
  • Adaptive Fitness for Professionals. Includes study material and exam.
  • CEC'S - 6 CPTN   CEC'S 3 CFP


This six hour home study course is designed to teach personal trainers and fitness professionals looking to increase their client base to perform proper evaluations on clients with different impairments. It also teaches program design, proper safety precautions and much more.

Course includes: Manual and exam. (After a 75% pass on the exam Adaptive Fitness Certificates will be mailed to you.)

Note: this course can also be done as a lecture course at your location as well.

Fitness coordinators get your staff certified to work with special populations and get CEC's!

TopShape will be holding an Adaptive Fitness for professionals seminar at:

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  • Professional Fitness Seminar Series
  • Seminars for lunch and learns, Breakfast Seminars, Weekend Retreats and Annual or Quarterly forums etc.
  • Expert Qualified Speakers

 Other Popular Seminar Topics include:

  1. You are what you eat! (Explanation of basic nutrients, how your body uses them and how much do you need and their importance.)
  2. Food: Friend or Foe, (Overview of eating disorders form compulsive overeating to anorexia, underlying emotional issues and pathways to healing.)
  3. Fitness for Life, (interactive) (Learn to design a safe and effective exercise program.)
  4. Weight management, (Learn the myths about weight loss and how to change your body composition safely and effectively.)
  5. Benefits of Massage Therapy, (Learn why the world’s top athletes all have massage as part of their high performance program.)
  6. Golf Fit, (interactive) (Learn how to prepare your body before a game and exercises designed to help improve your game.)
  7. Running clinics (interactive) for various levels of athletics and other sports specific clinics, including: ultimate, soccer, hockey and self-defence for both men and women.
  8. Supplement merry go round, (Learn the truth about the thousands of supplements on the market which ones work and which don’t.)
  9. Office wellness programs ( stress management, smoke cessation, and office ergonomics)
  10. CPR & First Aid Courses, (First timers and re-certifications)
    Seminar topics tailored to customers specific needs