Seminar 1: TopShape's seminar for persons with disabilities

The following is a description of the session presented by:
Peter Morel CFC,CPT,CAFS
President TopShape Inc.

This session was designed in part with help from The Active Living Alliance.

The session will teach persons with disabilities the importance of ongoing physical activity, and how to design a safe and effective exercise program. It will also address the issue of what to look for when seeking help in attaining their fitness goals.

The following topics are included in this lecture.

  • Safety precautions
  • Location
  • Key questions you need to arm yourself with
  • Type of program (considering individual needs)
  • Strength training
  • Weight management
  • Sport specific
  • Types of equipment (needed and used)
  • Specifics of exercise for beginners
  • TopShapes Top Ten Training Tips
  • Exercising for the first time
  • Specific parameters for strength, weight loss, and sport specific programing.
  • Conclusion and closing remarks

Question and answer period to follow if time permits...

Thank you for your interest in helping persons with a disability.

"Investing in health by providing physical fitness and wellness opportunities is not an option but a necessity." "Providing physical fitness and wellness opportunities to persons with physical disabilities is not a privilege but a right."

Peter J. Morel
President TopShape Inc.
Ottawa Ont. Canada.