Specialized Programs

Everyone has different abilities, fitness needs and goals. This is why no program found in a magazine or video can yield the best results for you. Programs that are too generalized have no way of adjusting for past injuries, medications or for your exercise and activity background.

TopShape performs an extensive fitness assessment for each of our clients. Through the results of these tests we are able to provide you with an individualized program specific to your needs and goals. Whether your goals are for general fitness, rehabilitation, sport specific, weight loss, or adaptive fitness our experienced professionals will design a safe and fun program that will yield results.

Older Adult Fitness
Many age-associated constraints occur not because of the aging process itself, but as a result of being inactive. Seniors and even frail elderly adults can increase quality of life with simple strength training exercises and stretches that will help to:

  • Maintain mobility & physical independence as you age
  • Exercise areas susceptible to injury
  • Ease arthritis and low back pain
  • Increase muscle tone and strength

Adapted Fitness
The number of seniors and people with disabilities in Ontario is increasing every day. Statistics Canada estimates that 16 percent (1.6 million) of Ontario's population is made up of people with some form of impairment. Currently 44 percent of those aged 65 and over have a mobility impairment of some sort.

This population is among the people that TopShape tries to reach. "We get tremendous satisfaction in providing quality service to our clients," Morel says. "Our programs are tailored to the client and his or her capabilities. We don't believe in a universal approach to individual wellness."

TopShape's clientele reflects the varied needs of people in Ontario, and includes corporate executives, seniors, world-class athletes and people with disabilities."We have always viewed servicing a diverse clientele as a business necessity." says Morel. "This has helped us build a company that is sensitive to the untapped markets that exist in Ontario."

"Investing in health by providing physical fitness and wellness opportunities is not an option but a necessity. Providing physical fitness and wellness opportunities to persons with physical disabilities is not a privilege but a right."

Peter Morel