"The program that Mike designed for me allows me to fit regular exercise into my hectic schedule. After working out one on one with Mike I can see and feel an improvement in my body and my mind and in my overall health and quality of life".
A. Anne McLellan
Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

"When it was clearly time for me to re-balance my ratio of lean mass to fat mass, Mike showed me how, through a program of weight training, cardio exercise, and eating better. The result? Size 40 to size 34, and a happier, healthier, stronger me."
David Berman
President of David Berman Communications
Vice-President of Ethics Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

"Peter is helping me fight the degeneration in my arm and shoulder. Besides putting weights on my chest when I do crunches and attempting to turn me into an athlete again as I moan and groan, he has managed to get me to move my triceps muscle in my disabled arm for the first time since I was in a train accident at the age of ten. I read about Peter in the Ottawa Citizen two years ago and clipped the article as I found his life to be an inspiration to anyone trying overcome anything. Now I have the pleasure and pain of working out with him."
Debra Berry,
World Famous Activist

Dan Webb came to TopShape with a general fitness goal in mind. Being born with Cerebral Palsy (right hemi palegic) Dan was a challenge for Peter.

"After our first year Peter corrected my structural problems and balance issues, to the delight of my Physiatrist. After which, we went on to accomplish feats of strength I would have never imagined."

On Saturday May 28 05 Dan ran a 10k marathon something he has always wanted to do. "I had a target time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. My gun time was 1 hour 19 minutes And 50 seconds. My chip time. Which is my official time was 1 hour 16 minutes and 45 seconds. A personal best time for me!"

"Thank you so much TopShape for making my first official marathon a success."
Dan Web

"I've been training off and on for more than 10 years. When I started to train with TopShape I realized results like never before. I credit TopShape with giving me a training strategy to maximize my gains. No other trainer, book or magazine article has delivered this key to success. Thanks guys!"
Jay Lawrence
President, Infonium Inc.

Incredible Achievement

In June 2007 a bone mineral density test revealed that I had osteopenia (low bone density).  Since my calcium intake was adequate, I had two options before me to try to reverse this deterioration:  prescription drugs or lifestyle changes including weight bearing and resistance exercises.  I chose lifestyle changes.     

Mike designed a weight lifting program tailored to my specific needs and over the year he monitored my progress.  In August 2008 my bone density test revealed a significant positive reversal and according to my doctor I'm now out of the risk zone.  I attribute this improvement to Mike's expertise and to my personal dedication in putting into practice his advice. 

Thanks Mike. 
Pauline Latour